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Natalia Kielur

Marketing & public relations specialist

Typical rolling stone – loves to escape from the city to places where the time slows down and people are more friendly. Reaches peaks, takes on challenges and derives great satisfaction from it. She prefers a tent over a hotel and a bike over a car.

Contact: [email protected]

Biegun Wschodni Maciek

Maciek Hołyszko


Typical townee – he is an urban jungle navigation specialist and a trip initiator to the European capitals. He browses through guidebooks, articles and maps, searching for hidden gems and less known attractions.


We are open for cooperation offers.

If you are:

  • producer of outdoor clothing or accessories,
  • producer of trekking bikes or bike accessories,
  • tourist organisation,
  • manager of a hotel, hostel, agrotouristic etc,
  • transportation company,

or not… but you want to involve us in your campaign, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]

Blog stats (according to Google Analytics; Apr 1 – Apr 31, 2017)

Unique users: 30,039
Page views: 62,701

Readers profile

Age: 18-64 years old; most 25-34
Sex: 48% women, 52% men
Localisation: 82% living in Poland, speaking Polish
Interests: travelling, citybreaks, trekking, hiking, regional cuisine

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TOP 10 Tourist Attractions to See in Zagreb

We have visited Zagreb by accident. It was not on our Balkan states trip plan. And it was not like that because we thought that there is nothing interesting there. Quite the opposite - we have thought, that one or two days is not enough time to properly see the…

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What to see in Sarajevo, attractions

Bright Side of Sarajevo

Reading our last post, which told the story of the war in Yugoslavia and its results, you could get the impression, that Sarajevo is depressing and sad. And the truth is quite opposite. It is filled with details, that are radiating positive energy. This city is neither pretty, nor monumental.…

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Sarajevo. City Imbued with War

If I was to point at one place, which was the most memorable from our trip to Balkan states in September, it would most definitely be Sarajevo. In my eyes, it is a city soaked with war, pain and tragedy as deeply as deep is the memory and grief of…

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